Physiological Modelling

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Physiological processes and control loops in the human body are highly complex and subject to many interactions. This complexity results in particular challenges in the development of novel medical devices and therapies.

At Fraunhofer IMTE, the use of highly detailed digital patient models for the reproduction and simulation of complex physiological processes, with a focus on biomechanical and electrophysiological aspects, is investigated. Of particular interest is the development of reactive models that can be used to simulate the behavior of the physiological system under changing environmental conditions. One possible application is the use of a patient model to generate artificial data, especially if the collection of data is difficult to perform clinically or involves high costs and complex studies. Furthermore, novel medical devices can be tested and evaluated directly on the model before the clinical trial has even started. Another opportunity is the use in regulatory affairs, where a model-based approach can be applied in the validation phase.


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