AMMM - Additive Manufacturing Meets Medicine#

Additive manufacturing, often referred to as 3D printing, has long since proven its suitability for everyday use. However, many questions remain unanswered for use in medicine. Complex melting and hardening processes take place during the layer-by-layer construction of medical devices from liquid or solid materials, the physical-chemical modelling of which is often still pending, so that a discussion forum is to be given at AMMM on topics relating to the achievable precision and the expected technical properties of the medical devices produced in this way.

Questions about the precision and interaction of the printed materials with their future application matrix are important for all industries. However, these requirements are of particular interest in the medical environment, where biological compatibility and long-term stability are of particular importance. Medical technology companies are also faced with the question of whether this modern manufacturing technology should only be used in prototype and individualized sample development or also in series production. Costs and benefits have to be assessed very individually.

The scientific conference AMMM brings together engineers, scientists and technicians with physicians and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest achievements in 3D printing development for medicine. 


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September 7-10, 2021

IWMPI - International Workshop on Magnetic Particle Imaging#

Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) is a novel imaging modality that uses various static and oscillating magnetic fields to image the spatial distribution of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIOs) with high sensitivity, no tissue background, and no ionizing radiation. The method exploits the non-linear magnetization behavior of the SPIOs, and has shown great potential to surpass current in vivo imaging modalities in terms of sensitivity, safety, quantitation, and spatio-temporal resolution. MPI is well suited for clinical applications such as angiography, cancer imaging, and inflammation imaging; as well as research applications such as stem cell imaging and small animal imaging.

First in 2010, and again in 2012, at the University of Lübeck, the workshop is taking place for the 10th time. Previous workshops have visited Berkeley in 2013 and then Berlin (2014), Istanbul (2015), Lübeck (2016), Prague (2017), Hamburg (2018), New York (2019) and as an online workshop (2020) consecutively. The workshop will provide not only the opportunity to present research work and results, but also new ideas and directions in the field of Magnetic Particle Imaging to a highly interested audience of scientific, medical and application experts from universities, clinical and commercial sites, active in the field.  


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March 21-23, 2022

Interdisciplinary Symposium AUTOMED - Automation in Medical Engineering#

The field of automation and systems in medical technology is one of the fundamental and fascinating areas at the interface of automation technology and medicine. Due to advancing digitalization and the pervasiveness of machine learning in all areas of life, control and automation technology in medicine is becoming increasingly important. The main objective of the AUTOMED Symposiums is bringing together researchers and physicians from industry and academia to discuss current trends and provide a forum for new research results in this field. In doing so, the interdisciplinary orientation of the event is intended to create new synergies between technical and medical sciences. 


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Symposium on Industrial Cell Technology#

The symposium is organized by the Fraunhofer EMB and the Industrial Cell Technology Working Group of the industry association BIO Deutschland e.V. and has been a forum for interdisciplinary exchange on industrial cell technology for over ten years, addressing topics in bioanalytics, medical technology, regenerative medicine as well as food technology and marine biotechnology. By connecting developers and users, the event aims to promote technology transfer for the industrial application of cell-based processes, devices and materials.

On two days, topics of industrial cell technology are discussed with about 150 participants. Various sessions focus on technology transfer, industrial commercialization, future perspectives and international approaches. In parallel, an industrial exhibition is held. The symposium was last hosted in Lübeck in September 2019.


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