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Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences

The comprehensive and individually tailored range of services offered by the Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences for the application of new technologies is only possible with an organization that is broadly positioned in terms of topics, methods and equipment. Following the paradigm "Research for human health and the environment", the Fraunhofer Group offers customers access to bundled know-how. 

Together with six other Fraunhofer Institutes, Fraunhofer IMTE is a member of the Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences.

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Cluster »Life Science Nord«

»Life Science Nord« is the regional industry network for medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals for the federal states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. With around 500 companies, universities and research institutions and over 260 active association members, it is a significant innovation and economic factor as well as an important element of the cluster policy of both federal states.

Fraunhofer IMTE is a member of the Cluster »Life Science Nord« and serves on the extended management board.

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As one of the most modern bioarchives worldwide, the "CRYO-BREHM" preserves comprehensive biological information in living form through the collection of vital cell cultures of wild and farm animals and complements the classical natural history archives with additional, state-of-the-art scientific uses. As a cross-generational project, it is to be passed on to our children and grandchildren and continued by them.

Fraunhofer IMTE coordinates the »CRYO-BREHM« project at the associated Research and Development Center for Marine and Cellular Biotechnology EMB.



»Hanse Innovation Campus Lübeck«

The »HIC« encompasses a wide range of study programs and research areas and is not focused solely on biomedical technology. Other current cluster topics of the campus are currently nutrition, digitalization and environment. They are complemented campus-wide by the core topics of transfer, foundation and networks.

Fraunhofer IMTE is a founding member of the »Hanse Innovation Campus Lübeck«.

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The industry network »foodRegio« is made up of northern German companies and institutions in the food industry - starting from the Lübeck region. The network's work focuses on nine thematic working groups with content covering the entire "nutrition" value chain. 

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ZIM-Network »BEA - Bionik für Energie und Umwelt«

The ZIM Network »BEA« (Bionics for Energy and Environment) plans to use the extensive pool of ideas in bionics for innovations in the fields of energy and the environment. The aim of the network is to link medium-sized technology providers and research into a strategic corporate alliance and joint technology development. The participating network partners benefit on the one hand from an increase in know-how, mutual networking and identification as well as the use of synergies, and on the other hand from the development of new customer groups and markets. 

Fraunhofer IMTE is a founding member of the ZIM-Network »BEA«.


BMBF Innovation hub »Bioeconomy on Marine Sites (BamS)«



Other Networks

Fraunhofer Network For Science, Art and Design

How can science be inspired by art - and vice versa? What parallels are there in the work of researchers and creatives? How can they benefit from mutual dialog? These are the questions being explored by the new »Science, Art and Design« network founded at Fraunhofer. Through the interdisciplinary discourse between applied research and art, societal challenges are also to be identified and addressed using artistic methods.

Network »Wissenschaft, Kunst und Design«