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  • GMA Büsum strengthens Fraunhofer IMTE in Lübeck / 2022

    Innovative marine aquaculture for sustainable food concepts

    January 13, 2022

    Aquaculture is a growing market worldwide and is seen as a key research and development field for the food security of a growing world population. From feed production and food manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and medicine, numerous industries benefit from the knowledge gained from basic and applied aquaculture research, which thus forms an important link in the health chain. Fraunhofer IMTE in Lübeck will be strengthened by the research team of GMA - Gesellschaft für Marine Aquakultur mbH, thus gaining an additional location in Büsum. This will combine expertise in the research sector to further strengthen the maritime economy in the northern German region and develop innovative technologies to improve the ecological and economic balance of aquaculture.

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  • At the Institute of Medical Engineering (IMT) at the University of Lübeck and the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Individualized and Cell-based Medical Technology IMTE, tiny floating robots are being developed that will be able to navigate through the body like submarines in the future. With this new treatment option, drugs are to be brought specifically to their site of action and interventions in areas of the body that are difficult to access are to be carried out very gently.

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  • © TH Lübeck

    Cooperation agreement between the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Individualized and Cell-based Medical Engineering IMTE in Lübeck and the Technische Hochschule (TH) Lübeck deepens collaboration. What has worked well for a long time within the framework of project-related cooperation is now being put on an institutional basis between TH Lübeck, Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences, and Fraunhofer IMTE.

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  • Individualized medical engineering is the answer to a growing demand for precision diagnostic techniques that identify patient-specific and disease-specific influencing factors and use these to develop highly effective prevention, diagnosis and treatment procedures with few side effects. This is at the core of the new Fraunhofer Research Institution for Individualized and Cell-Based Medical Engineering IMTE, which emerged from the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology EMB as a result of strategic realignment and restructuring measures in December 2020. Supported by the state of Schleswig-Holstein, its research focus is on developing innovative, personalized medical products for diagnostic and treatment applications. The funding decision of the state of Schleswig-Holstein has now officially been delivered.

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  • The aim of the Fraunhofer High-Performance Centers is to speed up innovation transfer. In March 2021, the High-Performance Center Medical and Pharmaceutical Engineering was launched. With a focus on personalized implants and respiratory systems as well as individualized pharmaceutical production, the goal is to create a platform for research and the transfer of innovations into patient care.

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  • Digital archiving of archeological finds / 2021

    ENIGMA receives CT scans

    April 01, 2021

    In November 2020 and January 2021, a number of ENIGMA systems were found in the Baltic Sea and Schlei. These were purely accidental finds, as the research divers were actually pursuing other tasks - the recovery of ghost nets and a propeller. ENIGMA is the name given to the cipher machine used by the Germans before and during World War II. In a collaboration between the Schleswig-Holstein State Archaeological Office (ALSH) and the new Fraunhofer Research Institution for Individualized and Cell-Based Medical Engineering IMTE in Lübeck, these finds are now being made accessible to digital planning for restoration and long-term archiving through high-resolution computed tomography.

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