Fraunhofer IMTE

The Fraunhofer Research Institution for Individualized and Cell-Based Medical Engineering IMTE focuses on the integrated development of medical devices for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. With expertise in biosensor technology, cell technology, imaging, magnetic methods and mechatronics, in combination with interdisciplinary cross-sectional topics such as additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, systems engineering and regulatory affairs, IMTE offers a unique service portfolio for the medical device industry.

Current research topics include intelligent mechanical ventilation, physiological modeling and modularized system development, as well as computed tomography, magnetic particle imaging, nanoparticle research and cell technology. Research projects focus on technical instrumentation, advanced signal processing and analysis, and improved image reconstruction techniques, as well as cell culture, cell analysis, and medical applications.

This unique combination of medical engineering competencies, together with a strong connection to leading university hospitals and the close integration of regulatory aspects, enable IMTE to holistically address issues of individualized medical engineering, from basic research to device construction, and thus the translation of personalized instrumentation into clinical and commercial applications.

Furthermore, the IMTE dedicates its efforts to research questions in the fields of cellular and aquatic technologies, in particular the development of components for aquacultures, but also of food technology processes, as well as projects in the areas of bioeconomy and biodiversity.

Our Areas of expertise

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