Fraunhofer IMTE offers a wide range of services to support you with your projects. The extensive technological infrastructure at IMTE together with our expertise in fields like imaging and biosensors, mechatronics, systems engineering, cell technology or regulatory affairs make us an ideal partner for your research and development endeavours. 

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Non-destructive Material Testing 

We support you in the digitization of components, non-destructive testing or component analysis.

Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

We support you in the planning and realization of clinical trials as well as the development and implementation of European and international regulatory strategies for medical devices including IVDs.

Additive Manufacturing

We offer a wide range of additive manufacturing technologies and partner with you to develop the solutions that will make your project a success.


Transfer from the idea to the medical product

We support you in the research and development of innovative medical technology solutions.

Cell-based Medical Technology

We take care of the development of devices and technologies for cell propagation as well as novel cell logistics (cell transport, cell storage, use of cell banks).


Marine Biotechnology

We work along the entire value chain from the cultivation and production of aquatic organisms to their utilisation as food or feed, as food supplements or for medical applications.