Transfer from the idea to the medical product

An innovation always starts with a good idea. 


Fraunhofer IMTE supports you precisely on the way to a market-responsive medical product. Together with you, we systematically record the individual requirements for future products.  Even before development, we test your products using realistic simulations and specific models. For the development of products, with a strong focus on medical device development, IMTE has outstanding technical competencies and a unique infrastructure at its disposal, enabling disruptive innovations at the highest level. For the validation of products, we create individual and customized test systems. In addition, we support you in precise non-destructive technical testing of medical devices and in long-term investigations. Accompanying all processes, we offer support in clinical and regulatory matters of medical devices. 


Model Design and Simulation

We support you with in-silico modeling and simulation in the development of signal processing algorithms and medical devices.


(Product)-Device Development 

We support you in the technical implementation, taking into account the regulatory requirements.


Test System Development

We support them in performing preclinical in vitro testing of medical devices. 


Medical Software Solutions

We support you in the research, development and deployment of innovative AI solutions for diagnostics and therapy at the Edge.