Food Technology

Brief Description

Health and nutrition are future fields with high relevance for the economy and society. For this reason, the "Fraunhofer Future Food" project is establishing a new development centre for food research in Luebeck. For us, application-oriented research with direct benefits for the economy and for the benefit of society means the development of innovative, regional products related to the "true north" (eg use of resources from the sea) and support for the (northern) German food industry the development of innovations as well as close cooperation with the regional based companies.

Due to excellent networking in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and with experts from different disciplines from university research and industry, such as natural and nutritional sciences, food technology and (nutritional) medicine enable us to incorporate new scientific findings as quickly as possible into the production of new (health-promoting) foods.

The Food Technology Working Group, with its extensive Applied Food Research Center (TFAL), provides a multifunctional platform for the development of innovative nutritional supplements, food and feed, and food additives. In addition to prototype development, employees in the fields of biotechnology and food technology as well as food science in the food industry also provide advice and develop creative solutions to new challenges.

Research Projects


Fraunhofer Future Food – Phase 2

In the second phase, the Fraunhofer EMB is further expanding the development center for food research.


Development of a beer speciality

In 2017, a craft beer brewery from Schleswig-Holstein mixed its beer with one of our algae beverage bases and created a new beer speciality together with us.



„Fraunhofer Future Food“

The Fraunhofer EMB establishes a new development center for food research in Lübeck, the project “Fraunhofer Future Food”.


Production of a protein-rich snack from by-products of the fishing industry




An alcohol-free soft drink from algae

Scientists of the EMB have developed a process which combines the lightness of a fruit water with the full bodied flavor of a sugary soft drink. Picking up the idea of using malt, they blended it with the natural resource of macro algae. By a two stage fermentation of the raw materials it was possible to develop beverage bases, which together created the Fraunhofer EMB product.