Scientific Apparatus Engineering

Brief Description

The working area of scientific apparatus engineering and 3D prototyping of the EMB is primarily concerned with the development and construction of prototypes.

For example, in close collaboration with the individual working groups, devices for the culture and expansion of adherent cells are being fundamentally redeveloped, modified or further developed. With the help of state-of-the-art equipment, it is possible to produce the components designed with 3D software within a very short time.

The development of laboratory equipment with its know-how as a competent partner is also available to external clients. The offer covers the consultation, development and construction of prototypes as well as the production of small series.

Research Projects


Portable, autarkic cell incubator for the transport of living cells

The Fraunhofer EMB has developed a portable and self-sufficient cell incubator for the transport of living cells. Equipped with sensors and CO2, it actively regulates and stores during transport the gas atmosphere and the temperature needed for the cells.