Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources

Fraunhofer IMTE focuses on the development of  sustainable and environmentally sound aquaculture,  addressing issues in the areas of fish nutrition and husbandry, as well as fish health and  welfare. We use conventional, integrated, or polytrophic aquaculture systems for the production of aquatic organisms. Our facility's experimental husbandry systems, some of which are novel, enable diverse scientific investigations with high reproducibility, as well as the production of aquatic organisms on a semi-industrial scale. The Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Department pursues sustainable approaches through the circular economy model, as well as integrated multitrophic or aquaponic aquaculture (IMTA, rearing of marine fish, mussels, and algae, rearing of fish and vegetables in fresh or brackish water) and combines these with the development of new animal welfare standards, optimised feed and adapted animal husbandry systems.

New foods from aquatic resources and food technology processing methods are being developed in cooperation with our food technology division so that the entire value chain can be observed and optimized.


Fish nutrition and husbandry


Fish health and welfare


Experimental aquaculture systems