Tracer Development

Fraunhofer IMTE supports you in the development of contrast agents. Our extensive experience in the field of nanoparticle production and processing and the close cooperation with our university partner make us an ideal partner for your projects. Our services range from the synthesis of nanoparticles and their functionalization (coatings) to the characterization of their physical properties and the corresponding instrumentation of the measurement setups.

Our services in the area of tracer development include: 

Synthesis and functionalization

  • Dextran-based nanoparticles
  • Silicon-based nanoparticles
  • Fluorescence-marked particles
  • Cells loaded with particles

Characterization of iron oxide nanoparticles

  • Magnetic properties (Magnetic moment, hysteresis)
  • Physical properties (Size distribution, temperature, Zeta potential)
  • Nucleation and growth analysis in real time

Instrumentation (development, construction and optimization)

  • Magnetic particle spectrometers (MPS)
  • INSPECT (In-situ MPS for nucleation and growth studies)
  • Optimization of signal chains for MPS
  • Devices for continuous flow synthesis and characterization
  • LNAs (for signal acquisition)