Automation & Control

Modern medical systems often consist of many different subsystems that are involved in the therapy of the patient. By integrating machine learning concepts into therapy, the treatment of each patient can be further optimized. However, reconfiguring and learning systems involve a high degree of uncertainty, which can lead to increased risk to patient safety. Therefore, consideration of these uncertainties at the time of system design and in the development of the control structure of such systems is of high importance. The methods used in this process can also be transferred to other safety-critical applications.

Fraunhofer IMTE supports you in the development of suitable control architectures for your application in the following areas:

  • Development of models for rapid control prototyping  
  • Development and implementation of control architectures for safety-critical applications 
  • Integration of machine learning methods into the control of safety-critical applications 
  • Translation and embedding into target hardware 
  • Development and setup of test benches for continuous and automated testing of control systems

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